Alana is a movement artist, specialising in Butoh and physical theatre.

Having trained with 12 Butoh Masters for over 14 years, Alana's work begins with a questioning of the body; a desperate discourse of flesh.

She has performed her work throughout Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Australia.
In 2019 she completed a 6-week residency at the Lìzé Puppet Art Colony in Taiwan, investigating how the body is used in puppetry. This year has been a guest artist with Back to Back Theatre working with both the regular ensemble and Theatre of Speed.

She enjoys collaboration with artists from other mediums, often working with Sound Artists and Graffiti Street Artists. Her work focuses on how the body is informed by these more external modes of art. 

Alana is currently developing a show 'Behind the Seams' with four of Melbourne's most renowned female Butoh artists, directed by Kaira Hachefa.

Apart from her Butoh practice, Alana is also an ensemble member of The Thursday Group - a slow-burn laboratory investigating performance practice arising from Tadashi Suzuki’s actor training method. Alana is also a member of Born in a Taxi performing physically driven work that is absurd and comical. She has regularly performed with The Environmental Performance Authority, a bodyweather collective headed by Peter Fraser, Gretel Taylor, Stuart Grant, and Bronwen Kamaz.

She believes that art is primarily about connection, this philosophy has led her to not only perform but facilitate and produce as well. She is currently also the Company/Production Manager of Born in a Taxi, and the Stage Manager for Back to Back Theatre, with whom she just completed a 6 week tour around the USA. Alana is also an occasional Production Manager for Rawcus Theatre