Performance | Creative

Online Residency

Guest Artist

Online Platforms, Melbourne

Back to Back Theatre, 2020

Illuminated Angels

Lygon St, Melbourne 

Born in a Taxi, 2019

Les Méduses

Jellyfish Puppeteer

The Waterfront Festival, Frankston 

Black Hole Theatre, 2019

Human Statues

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 2019

Born in a Taxi


European Night Market, Melbourne 2018

Born in a Taxi



Hammer Hall, Melbourne 2017

Small and Loud

Melbourne 47

Performer | Festival Director

City of Melbourne, Melbourne 2016 

The Environmental Performance Authority (EPA)

Neon Laneway
Performer | Director

White Night, Melbourne 2016

Anomaly Productions



Colare (Kurobe International Cultural Center), Japan 2015

Sankai juku

Explosive Measures

Body Weather Performer

The Truganina Explosive Reserve, Altona Vic 2015

The Environmental Performance Authority (EPA)

For Arts Sake!


The Harmony Festival, Warbuton Vic 

The Melbourne Butoh Collective | Helen Smith, 2014


For the time, Being


Federation Square, Melbourne 

Helen Smith | The Melbourne Butoh Collective, 2014




Underground Theatre, Collingwood 

EightWing Theatre Co | Anomaly Productions 2013

The Promise of Summer

Golden Performer

Hakuba, Japan

Dairakudakan, 2012


Roving Performer

The Cremorne QPAC, Brisbane 

Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre, 2011

Artist in Residence
Movement Artist 

Yilan, Taiwan 

Lize Puppet Art Colony, 2019

The Intriguing Case of the Silent Forest
Mary | Threeby

La Mama Courthouse, Melbourne 

The Thursday Group, 2019

Punk Cat

Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne 2019

Born in a Taxi



Arts House, Melbourne 2017

Fleur Elise Nobel

Around Day

MAP Fest, Melaka Malaysia 2017 

Tony Yap

Evocation of Butoh
Performer/Stage Manager

La Mama, Melbourne 2017


Neon Laneway

Winter Lights, Perth 2016

Anomaly Productions

Between Nothing 
Performer | Director

Butterfly Club, Melbourne 2016

Anomaly Productions


Ensemble Member

The Women's Circus, Footscray 2015

Lily Fish

Distal Fragments

Body Weather Performer

The Truganina Explosives Reserve, Altona Vic 2014

The Environmental Performance Authority (EPA)



Underground Theatre, Collingwood


Tibetan Creation Myth

Performer - Feather

EarthCore, Victoria 2013

Jessie Lewis

Lightning in a Kettle


Anywhere Theatre Festival, Brisbane

EightWing Theatre Co | Anomaly Productions, 2012


Lucy Joy

Zen Zen Zo's In the RAW season, Montville

Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre, 2011


Performer - Zombie

Valley Fiesta, Brisbane

Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre , 2011


Matt Crosby 

The Suzuki Method of Actor Training (January 2018 - Present)

Born in a Taxi

School of Fish Training (September 2017 - Present)

Lize Puppet Art Colony

Budaixi Puppetry (August 2019)

Yumiko Yoshioka 

Butoh Training (April 2017)

Yumi Umiumare 

Butoh Training ( December 2015 - Present)

Katsura Kan (January 2016)
Butoh Training


Yoshito Ohno (August 2015, August 2018)

Butoh Training


Moe Yamamoto (August 2015)

Butoh Training


SU-EN (August 2015)

Butoh Training


Yukio Waguri (August 2015)

Butoh Training


Koichi & Hiroko Tamano (August 2015)

Butoh Training


Seisaku and Yuri Nagaoka (August-October 2015)

Butoh Training


Semimaru (August 2015)

Butoh Training Intensive with Sankai juku


Kudo Takateru (July 2015)

Butoh Training


Nastu Nakajima (July 2015)

Butoh Training


Tess DeQuincey  (2014-Present)

BodyWeather Training


Helen Smith (Febuary 2014 - Present)

Butoh Training


Dairakudakan Butoh Company (July 2012-August 2012)

Trained and Performed in Japan with Dairakudakan, mentored by Maro Akaji and Muramatsu Takuya


Fran Barb (August 2012-September 2012)

Butoh Training


Jamie Kabel (June 2011- December 2011)

Sanford Meisner Technique


Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre (June 2011- December 2011)

Selected as one of eight internationally emerging artists to Intern for 6 months with Zen Zen Zo. Personal mentoring by Lynne Bradley.


Monash University- PhD Theatre Performance (2007-Present) Undergraduate Major: Performance Studies and Archaeology, Minor: Japanese Studies.-Graduated with First Class Honours, Best Honours Performance Award


Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre Actor Training (January 2010-Present) Melbourne Physical Actor Training with Hannah Fox and Damien Bernardo


Tony Yap Company (July 2010- Present)

Butoh Training


Jenny Kemp (October 2010)

Writing from the Body workshop


Kallara Calisthenics College (1994 – 2007)

14 years of dance training (classical and contemporary dance)

I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the Kulin Nation, on whose unceded lands I live, work, and create. 

I pay my respects to all First Nations Peoples, and to their Elders Past, Present, and Emerging.